What employers really look for?

Earned education, ability, experience, personal qualities – what is most important in the recruitment process? Job seekers often wonder, what are the expectations of employers with respect to new employees. Is there any one recipe for the perfect employee?

There is no ideal model worker because each of the industries brings with it other requirements. While in some sectors a priority during recruitment will be held by the candidate’s character, for example communication skills and interpersonal skills, in other mainly be taken into account seniority on the job. There usually is not. Looking at the statistics, but can determine what competition on the market today are the most taking. Who do employers look for? Due to the development of the construction sector can be seen increased demand for workers specializing in this field. Wanted are also operators of industrial machinery, production line workers, mechanics, warehouse. Is also developing the services sector, interest is therefore professions such as hairdressing, hotel worker, beautician, babysitter, housekeeper. It is easy to work will find a seller, bartenders, cooks, drivers, consultants telephone.