The best jobs for young people

The situation of young people in the labor market is not very promising. There are many factors that contribute to the fact that so many people leaving school have problems with finding a job. Surely the main reason is reluctant employers to hire young people because of not having professional expertise. Another cause is too small, or different qualifications of young people in relation to current market demand. It cites as a reason to get too underdeveloped sector professional counseling for persons just starting his career employee. It can be concluded that the path of professional development for young difficult due to the ailing system solutions. On the other hand, they blame the young people themselves, who often have too little flexibility and mobility and have excessive demands in relation to future work. It is normal that work for young people, without any seniority is rewarded much lower than for people with professional experience. At the beginning of his career also you have to reckon with low workplace. No one starts after the directors job!