Regulations of the Your Career Internet Service

1. General Provisions

These regulations set out the rules of using the innovative HR application designed to manage individual persons career path. This application is available through the website

2. Terms used

These Regulations set the understanding of the following terms:

Service – internet service available at

Service Owner – E-Innovare Limited Liability Company with a registered office in Warsaw 00-511, al. Nowogrodzka 31, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000460865, REGON number 146672901, NIP 7010380344;

Regulations – these Regulations of using the Your Career service;

Administrator – Service manager. Has possibility to add and delete content of the Service

User – person who has account in the Service

3. Copyrights

Exclusive copyrights to the service belong to the Owner. Copyrights connected with HRCareer are protected under the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and derivative rights (1994 Journal of Laws No. 24, Item 83, as amended).

4. The Scope of Provided Services

1. The Basic service provided by the Owner for the Users within the Service is allowing access to the Internet application HRCareer is possibility of management individual persons career path.
2. The Owner reserves the right to change the functionality of the Service, expanding it by adding new functions and capacities for the users as well as modification of the existing functionalities.

5. Liability of the Service Owner

1. The Service Owner will make every effort to ensure that the Service functions properly.
2. The Service Owner is not liable for any loss or damage, including damage on account of losing profit from running the enterprise, breaks in running the business, as well as losing economic information, which appeared by the use, inability to use or malfunction of the Service.
3. The applications provided by the Owner within the Service serve only to facilitate running of the economic activity, but they are not liable for that activity. The User, as an entrepreneur, remains liable towards their counterparties or the State.

6. Access to the Service and registration process

1. Access to all the services of the Your Career Service is possible from any computer with an Internet connection. The condition for starting using the Service is prior User registration, in conformity with the instructions given on the website.
2. The data entered by the User should be consistent with the truth, to make sure that the Service functions properly.
3. In the registration process, the User specifies a unique login and password, which will be necessary to use the Service. The Owner accepts no responsibility if the User discloses their login or password to a third party.

7. Conclusion and termination of an Agreement

1. An agreement between the User and the Owner is concluded for indefinite period.
2. Upon receipt of the fee, the Owner issues a VAT invoice, which is supplied to the User in an electronic form to the e-mail address provided.
3. The User has the right to withdraw from the agreement within one month of concluding it, by sending a statement on withdrawal from the agreement to
4. The Owner can terminate the Agreement with the User by a sending a notice with immediate effect. The termination of the Agreement is carried out through deleting the User’s account and blocking access to the Service, if the User:
a) breaches the provisions of the Regulations,
b) takes actions compromising the security of the data collected in the Service,
c) makes an attempt of unauthorized access to the Service,
d) takes any illegal actions through the Service,
e) takes actions harming the Owner,
f) has given false data, referred to in paragraph 6 (2).
5. In case of irregularities indicated in paragraph 7 (i-vi), the fee made by the User is not refunded.

8. Terms of use of the Service

1. Unlogged user in website:
a) may browse website
b) may browse sign up/sing in website
c) may use password recovery function

2. Logged user in website:
a) may browse other users list
b) may manage their profiles: edit the information on their profile, add, edit and delete competencies, add, edit and delete positions, add, edit and delete positions to develop for the employee, may add, edit and delete goals to attain
c) may browse possitions and competencies lists
d) may use internal seach engine
e) may discuss on forum
f) may create a new forum
g) may go through career path
h) may browse reports
i) may use internal communicator
j) may browse and add job offers
k) may browse and add trainings
m) may browse projects

3. Administrator in website:
a) may moderate and delete content in case of breaking Service Regulations
b) may delete User profile in case of breaking Service Regulations
c) may offer discount codes for CV Generator

9. Charging rules

1. Access for Service is free of charge
a) a fee of 24,99 zł subject is only for unlimited access to the CV Generator function
2. The Owner allows the possibility of distributing any number of discount coupons entitling to lowering the aforementioned price.

10. Protection of personal data

1. The Owner takes any measures necessary to protect the personal data of the User and all the other data entered to the Service by the User. Simultaneously, the Owner agrees not to disclose to third parties any data entered to the Service by the User.
2. The data entered to the Service by the User are the property of the User.
3. The Owner does not take liability for the content of the data entered to the Service by the User.
4. Only the User has access to the data entered to the Service on their own by using the login and password created by themselves.
5. The User has the right to inspect the data entered to the Service by them. They are also entitled to change them.
6. At the time of termination of the Agreement, any data entered by the User will be deleted from the Service.
7. By registering to the Service, the User expresses its consent for processing its personal data and receiving information electronically, in accordance with the Act of 29th August 1997 on the protection of personal data (i.e.: Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended).

11. Complaints

1. If there is a fault in the generator derived from paid-CV product, you can make a complaint by sending it to the address
2. The complaint should specify the identity of the user, a brief discussion of the issue by exposing its meaning and the explicit request of the User relating to resolve the issue.
3. The website owner within 14 days of receiving the news of the complaint will its consideration. In case of exceeding the above-mentioned by the website owner. deadline, sent a complaint deemed to be approved.
4. In the event of non-recognition of the complaint, you are entitled to a single appeal against the decision if you send the appeal within 14 days of receiving a negative response. The procedure inserted in point. 2 and 3 shall apply accordingly.
5. The decision Owner service after the deadline 14 days to send the cancellation or non-recognition of being the appeal shall be deemed as final.

12. The Final Provisions

1. The Owner of the Service reserves the right to change the terms of the Regulations.
2. The Owner will inform the User about every change in the Regulations by sending an e-mail.